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Battery Prices Causing Problems for Electric Cars

Saturday October 31, 2015
According to The New York Times, Fisker Automotive of MIT scientists and the producer of lithium-ion cells for General Motors electric

180 Jobs Added in Area Ford Transmission Plan

Friday October 16, 2015
According to Middletown Journal, during the summer, Ford Motor Co. added 180 jobs to their pool of employees at the East Sharon Road

High Mechanic Demands Open Employment

Monday September 28, 2015
According to Carolina Live, the Labor Department has predicted the worsening shortage of auto mechanics.

Crazy Man Utilizes Forklift to Recover His Truck

Saturday September 19, 2015
According to ABC News 7, cops point out a Delaware guy whom owed cash for an auto repair bill utilized a fork lift to sneak directly...

MD Auto Mechanic Shop Entrepreneurs Sentenced for Bribing Cops Tens of thousands

Wednesday September 16, 2015
According to Loan Safe, district Judge Catherine C. Blake sentenced Hernan Alexis Moreno, age Thirty-two, of Rosedale, Maryland, today to 33 months in prison

Great Bear Auto Wins Two Awards

Sunday August 2, 2015
In an earlier article, there was a story on Great Bear Auto Repair and Auto Body Shop and now they are on the news again.

New Auto Repair Shop in Tampa

Sunday August 2, 2015
Here comes a new repair shop in Tampa, FL which has great technology and state of the art equipment to fit your cars needs.

Cars Overheating up North

Monday July 27, 2015
In the northern states it’s been a hot summer and this is not what they are used to.

Mobile Auto Mechanics

Wednesday July 15, 2015
Mobile Auto Mechanics is a repair service that comes to you.

Vale High's Merie Saunders Retires

Wednesday July 15, 2015
Merle Saunders, a teacher at Vale High School for 31 years, and who has molded teenagers into mechanic masters is now retiring the small high school of 300, but leaving a remarkable record behind.

Female Auto Workforce in Queens

Wednesday July 15, 2015
Great Bear Auto Repair and Auto Body has a first after being open for 78 years.

Illegal Repair Shop Locked Down

Wednesday July 15, 2015
Martin’s Auto Service in Lansing, Ohio is being closed because it is an illegal repair shop.

Ohio, Among the Cheapest Car Repairs in the Nation

Wednesday July 15, 2015
Ohio, who would have guessed that Ohio has one of the lowest costs of auto repair in the nation.

RAC - The Ultimate Solution For Automotive Breakdowns

Monday December 1, 2014
When it comes to buying a new car, many of us have no clue what the difference between a good and bad purchase is.